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Confusing Statement ?

Question : EARLIER, you stated that tyre rotation doesn't need the wheel and tyre to be balanced.

Even the Goodyear column explained that if the wheel has been mounted/dismounted, it needs to be balanced.

On the answer to the braking sound, you state that it might be due to hard brake lining or dust between the friction surface.

But then you say that when there is too much dust, we must opt for harder brake pad lining. the problem will become worse though.

Answer :

1. This is another case when I am at variance with the tyre manufacturer.

You are aware that almost all wheel/tyre assemblies are balanced off the car and I cannot see why you need to balance the assembly simply because you moved the location of the assembly to a different corner of the car.

How would balancing the wheel help when it is anyway being balanced off the car ?

2. Brake squeal as I explained comes from the vibration of the brake pads.

When the brake linings are too soft, the brake dust collects between the pad and the brake disc and this causes the vibration and squealing.

On the other hand, when one uses harder linings we have a situation when sometimes the brake pads and discs are not warmed up sufficiently and there will be inconsistent friction between the pads and the disc, resulting in pad vibration and squealing.

That is why sometimes selecting the correct brake pad hardness can be a problem.


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