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Changing tyres

Question : I HAVe a few queries :

1. When changing two new car tyres, do you mount the in the front or the rear ? I have received conflicting advice about this.

2. When you have a puncture on the highway, should you try and change the tyre yourself or wait for the highway patrol people to arrive.

We have read horror stories where people have been killed by speeding vehicles while attempting to change tyres in the emergency lanes.

3. How can you check the health of your car battery without going to the workshop ?

I am sure all of us have been caught with a flat battery and had to call the battery shop.

Answer :

1. Some experts recommend that they be counted in the rear but personally I would say to fit them in the front.

My reasoning is that steering is very important and if one loses traction on the rear wheels, at least with good front grip one could steer out fo the skid.

However, if the front tyres are bald and lose grip, one will have no steering and therefore you will be at the mercy fo the car sliding on the surface.

2. For your information, even highway breakdown personnel with all their emergency lighting have been hit and killed by cars and trucks.

My advice is to park the car as close the the crash railing as possible and everyone vacate the car and stand behind the crash railings.

Call for highway assistance and let them do the repairs for you.

3. If the battery is not a sealed type, you can use a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte in each cell and you will be able to read off the condition of each cell.


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