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Tyre quality

Question : ARE there differences in tyres made in various countries?

Is there any difference in term of quality in terms of where the tyre was manufactured?

Can you suggest a brand of a tyre that doesn't make much noise, say after two years.

Most workshops will say that a tyre will make noise after the tread/centre grooves harden (which is around two years).

Also, why is it that tyres are much cheaper in Kiang?

Answer : Tyres are made to the same standards all over the world or else there would be lawsuits every day over tyre failures, etc.

Having said that, there are definitely differences between tyres made in different countries because of the pecularities of usage in the country.

For example, many years ago tyres manufactured in Malaysia had stiffer sidewalls simply because of the amount of sidewall damage caused by local drivers climbing over curbs to take short cuts in traffic jams!

Also, the compounding may be different due to climate and tyre wear.

Regarding tyre noise, usually tyres with an open tread pattern tend to be noisier.

However, there are some tyres when worn down to about 50 per cent that tend to be noisier.

In short, this is something that is quite subjective and depends on what you want from a tyre.

Sometimes a tyre may look sporty but handles horribly whereas an ordinary looking tyre may have all the attributes you want.

By the way, centre grooves do not harden as they are in contact with the road at all times and heat cycle.

Why are tyres cheaper in Klang, particularly imports? Go to any port city in the world and you will also get cheap goods. Enough said!


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