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Service interval

Question : I DRIVE a Myvi which has clocked about 36,000km.

My last service was done on June 25 last year at 30,000km using Perodua semi-synthetic 5-30W with the oil filter changed.

It is now nine months since my last service.

Should I service my car at 40,000km ( 10,000km interval ) or when it reaches 12 months since my last service ?

I also have a unit of Toyota Avanza ( December 2004 model ).

Recently, I bought a spare tyre from a friend who also owns an Avanza ( July 2005 model ) for use in the rear.

I was told by a tyre dealer to replace my tyres every four years because a tyre lifespan is about four years.

Should I continue to use my two rear tyres although they look brand new and with no cracks noted ?

Answer :

1. If the vehicle has regularly been started and warmed up, even though it is close to 12 months or more, there should be no problem with the oil.

The biggest contaminant of the oil is water condensation and if the engine is sufficiently warmed up, this would not happen and you can change the oil at the required mileage intervals.

2. It is true that tyres have a lifetime of four years if they are left lying around and unused as they will develop cracks and the effects of ozone on the rubber will cause the  rubber to harden and lose its grip.

Therefore the spare tyres that have been sitting unused for four or more years should not be used as one will not be sure of their stage of deterioration and they may fail without warning.

Tyres mounted on the vehicle and running daily are a different issue as they are regularly inflated and heat cycled, and so will not lose their properties that easily.


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