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Timing chain

Question : I AM driving a 2002 Nissan Cefiro 2L V6.

1. Do I need to change the timing chain? If yes, what is the suitable mileage?

2. Whenever I drive through uneven roads or potholes, I can hear a clocking sound presumably from the suspension. I have changed all four absorbers and mountings but it is still the same. Will the spring or drive shaft contribute to this kind of disturbing sound if they are damaged?

3. There was a time when I drove my car up- hill and when I stopped to a standstill due to a traffic jam, the car moved backward even when I was in D. Is that normal for this kind of car? I've driven other automatic transmissions but this was the first time I encountered this kind of experience.

4. I have been told by some mechanics that less maintenance is involved with V6 engines compared with in-line 6 cylinders. Is that true?

Answer :

1. There is no fixed life for the timing chain and usually when the car is in for regular service or when there is a need to do any work on the heads, the technicians will have a book at its condition and make a recommendation if it appears worn.

2. Noise from the suspension area can come from very small movements and you may want to look at the suspension ball joints and also the upper mountings of the front struts. Also have a book at the front wheel bearing free play. If there is too much movement in the bearings, you will get a lot of 'clunking' noise from the suspension.

3. Yes, the car can roll back because it depends on the set idle speed. If the idle speed is quite low and the slope is steep, there will be insufficient torque in the torque convertor to hold the car. Remember that at idling speeds, there is a lot of slippage in an automatic transmission.

4. Not really. If one wants to speak of complications, the V6 has much more parts and should be more expensive to maintain. However, either engine would cost nearly the same if you maintain it regularly.


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