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Air Suspension confusion

Question : My Air Suspension Keeps Failing. What’s wrong ?

Answer : There are a lot of different reasons that your air suspension system might be failing. The first thing you need to do is as your mechanic what the actual problem was and then you will have a better idea as to what needs fixing.

If the problem is the rotting of the airbags the answer could be a faulty moisture filter. There is more to an air suspension installation than just the replacement of the suspension components. A moisture filter is one of the most important parts of the system because even a little moisture in the lines, which will always occur with a compressor, can ruin the pump and the airbags. If you are just replacing the airbags repeatedly then you may want to take a look at the moisture filter. The same thing goes for repeated failures of air pumps. A little moisture really messes with the electronics.

If you are experiencing heat damage or friction damage on your lines then you need to blame the person who performed your air suspension installation. The lines should be installed in a way that they do not come in contact with any moving parts, are protected from road debris and are kept away from the heat of the engine or exhaust system. An improper air suspension installation is one of the most common sources of problems.

The most important thing you can do is find a technician who you really trust to do a good job on the air suspension installation. This is one area where you really do not want to skimp by going to a shady shop. Spending a little extra money will prevent lots of extra costs in the future, which can pile up into a total that will far exceed the money you would have spent on a proper installation in the first place.


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