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Hard suspension

Question : SOME time ago, I remember that there was a query about hard suspension of a Nissan C22 that is used only for carrying passengers.

As I just got hold of a used C22 and will only be carrying passengers, what should I do to make the ride better.

Answer : The C22 uses a transverse leaf spring in the front and semi-elliptic leaf springs at the rear. In addition, there are two large rubber springs mounted on top of the rear axle.

As you are aware, the C22 is a multi-purpose vehicle used most of the time as a commercial vehicle.

In order that the vehicle does not bounce around when there is no cargo, single stage leaf springs are used at the rear. These springs have a limited load carrying ability and are relatively soft.

When cargo is loaded into the vehicle, the rubber springs come into contact with the axle to start taking the additional load. When you have only four or more passengers in the rear, the rubber springs are in contact to take the additional load and this makes the ride quite harsh.

One solution is to remove the rubber springs completely and replace the rear shock absorbers with higher rated gas-filled shocks.

This will give a better ride with your passenger load and at the same time control excessive body roll due to the softer leaf springs.

However, remember that you now cannot load the van like a cargo vehicle.


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