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Sound from front suspension

Question : My Honda Accord (2004 model) has a problem which the Honda service center can't solve. The left hand side of the front suspension emits an knocking sound when going over bumps. The car's bumper has been changed twice but the problem remains.

Answer : Front suspension noises can be a major nuisance especially with FWD cars. You may have to look at the following areas:

(a) Wheel bearings: If there is too much free play in the front wheel bearings, you will get plenty of noise when going over uneven roads and you can end up replacing almost the whole suspension but the noise remains. The wheel needs to be lifted off the ground and the top and bottom of the wheel held and rocked. If there is movement, see if it can be adjusted. At the same time rotate the wheel and listen for noises. If there is any unevenness or growling, the bearings should be replaced.

(b) Thrust bearing at the top of the strut: This is the bearing that supports all the vehicle's weight on that side of the car and when worn, can have sufficient movement and make noises over bumps.

(c) Suspension lower ball noise: This ball joint is on the opposite end of the strut and is used for location of the suspension. Again if worn, this can contribute to noise when going over bumps.


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