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Upsetting sounds

Question : I have upgraded my 2004 Honda Civic 1.7 Vti to aftermarket sports suspension (springs and absorbers). But a few months after installation, I started experiencing some knocking/klunking/rattling sound from the front left suspension area.

I've opened up and reinstalled the suspension many times to try to detect the problem but without success.

Some of the steps that I tried:

- Wrapped the upper and lower coils of the springs with hose type rubber

- Replaced the stabiliser bar link

- Replaced the top mount bearings

- Put in a new absorber (thinking that a particular absorber might have been the culprit)

Unfortunately, the problem still persists. Some of the symptoms I've observed:

- The sound is audible only when travelling on rough uneven roads.

- More noticeable when travelling uphill

- More noticeable in the morning

- When doing suspension test (press down and observe the rebound), the left front side is a bit stiffer than the right.

The model and the size of springs and absorbers are correct, and there are no leaks detected.

Answer : There is movement in the suspension and because you have a stiff suspension, any free play becomes quite obvious.

- Try jacking up the left wheel and once the wheel is off the ground and holding the top and bottom of the wheel, try shaking the wheel. If you can feel any movement, you may be having a worn wheel bearing or the bearing has too much free play. Generally, front wheel drive cars do not have adjustable front wheel bearings or very limited adjustment and because all the braking and drive "forces are put on the same wheel, the bearings tend to wear faster than those of a rear drive car.

- Once you have too much movement in the bearings and any adjustments that can be done have already been done and the noise persists, then the only alternative is to replace the complete bearing set, i.e. both bearings on the wheel.


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