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Wobbly steering

Question :

[Problem 1]

THE steering wheel of my six-year-old CBU Picanto starts to shake vigorously when it reaches 60km/h and when it touches 80km/h, the wobbling stops.

I had the drive shaft changed as advised by my mechanic, the alignment and wheel balancing were done as advised by a tyre specialist but the problem still exists.

[Problem 2]

TEN minutes after my daughter drove back from work in my new Persona and switched off the ignition, the radiator cooling fan suddenly started by itself and began whirring for about 1-2 minutes.

This happened after the second service when they fixed, without y consent, a "magnetic strip" to my oil filter.

What is actually happening ? Will the magnetic strip affect the performance of the car in the long run ?

Answer :

[Problem 1]

If the tyres and balancing have been checked and there is no run-out on the rims, then you need to look at the suspension for wear and tear.

Some suspensions are very sensitive to wear. If there is wear on the suspension bushes or movement in the ball joints, all it needs is a small bump to start an oscillation on the wheels. Get someone to check the suspension and get it tightened.

[Problem 2]

The magnetic strip has no effect on the fan. What is happening is that when you shut off the engine, all the components of the cooling system stop working and there is a heat build-up in the engine. Some cars have the cooling fan wired to the temperature sensor in such a way that when the temperature reaches a certain level, the fan will start and continue until the temperature drops to a pre-set level. Nothing to worry about.


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