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Bad vibrations

Question : MY car's is giving steering vibration problems. After a few trips to the service center, the feedback given was :

1. Steering vibration while idle cannot be eliminated as this is part of the car's design although mine is bit more compared to similar cars.

2. For the steering vibration above 110kmh, it is strange that after every 2km, the wheel balance is out. Previously I needed to do balancing only after every 10km. I'm using the same route and the same driving style. what is going wrong ?

3. When the rear alignment is out of specification, what can be done to solve the problem ?

Your prompt reply is much appreciated.

Answer : 1. True. In some cars there will be some vibration felt in the steering when idling and it can be difficult to eliminate altogether. Sometimes it can be reduced by lowering the idle speed or playing around with the engine mountings ( using softer mountings, loosening and retightening the mountings, etc ).

2. If you have fitted non-standard wheels to your car and they are wider or having a different offset, then the chances of imbalance or sensitivity will get worse. Even tyre wear can cause vibration. Also in such a situation even slight movement in the suspension or steering system through wear and tear can cause a vibration to start at high speed. It can be quite time consuming to try to eliminate the problem and you need patience and a good mechanic.

3. If it is out of specification and the suspension is non-adjustable, then the only choice without doing any surgery to the body is to use offset suspension mountings or hydraulically rectify it. Both these methods need a good technical guy as it involves a lot of measurements.


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