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Free play

Question : I AM driving a two-year-old Myvi.

1. You mentioned about the steering rack adjustment.

According to Perodua, the steering rack cannot be adjusted.

In this case, after turning to the right and letting go the steering, it will not return to the centre and the car will continue to go to the right-hand side.

Is this normal ? What can be the cause ?

2. Lately, I found two types of minimal vibration :

a) While idle, when the air-cond was engaged, there was vibration on the steering wheel.

b) When traveling between 80km/h and 105km/h, the steering vibrated.

Wheel balancing has been done.

Is it due to engine mounting ? is it normal wear and tear as it happened suddenly ?

Answer : Normally when the wheels are in a straight-ahead position with a ball and sector or re-circulating ball steering, there will be very little free play.

However, the free play increases as the angle of the wheels increases due to the design of the steering box.

With rack and pinion steering systems, the free play is quite constant and as mentioned previously, if there is excessive play then there is need to take it up by adjustment (if that is possible by the design of the assembly) or at worst, replacement of the whole assembly.


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