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Steering vibrations

Question : I'M driving a 2006 Toyota Estima.

When I'm driving in the rain and the speedometer exceeds 110km/h, the steering wheel starts to vibrate and as the speed picks up, the vibrations get worse

As long as I maintain the speed below 110km/h, no vibration is felt.

When driving in dry condition, everything is normal.

After purchasing the MPV sometime in January 2008, the tyre was changed to 225x50x17 size together with a two-piece rim.

I have consulted a few mechanics and tyre repair technicians and they inform me that it Is either due to the two-piece rim that I'm currently using or something is wrong with my ABS system.

I have carried out a diagnostic check on the car and was informed that everything is OK. I doubt that it has any- thing to do with the two-piece rim.

My MPV specifications are: Model - DBA-ACR50W-GRXEK; Engine - 2A2- FE; Frame # - ACR50-7002502.

Answer : Some cars can be quite sensitive to particular imbalances and one needs to go about it systematically to find the cause and rectify it.

I suspect that the problem is a combination of the two-piece rim and the tyres.

Firstly, you need to confirm if the rims have the same offset as the original wheels and secondly, if there is any defect in either of the front tyres.

The easiest test is to put back the original wheels and tyres (or borrow a set), and if there is no vibration or wobbling, you can be sure that it is related to the new wheels and tyres.

If there is no vibration after testing with the original wheels, swap the new front and rear pairs, i.e. front to rear and vice versa and see if the problem goes away.

If it does, then you have isolated the problem to only two wheels and tyres.

You then need to check them carefully for run-out, tread inconsistency, etc.


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