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A "yik" sound.

Question : I NEED your opinion on the following :

1. When I stop the engine, sometime there is a "yik" sound. Is this normal for a fuel injection car ?

2. What is output of the Myvi's alternator ?

3. Is it normal for grease near the oil seal ? The mechanic told me there is grease between the gearbox and engine, where the oil seal located. Is there any problem or is it an early sign to detect the problem ?

4. Lately, I found there are dirty smudges on the metal parts inside after I open the engine cap that use to top up oil. Any problems ?

5. When I drive on an uneven road I get a noise. This is very clear after pump more tyre pressure eg 220kpa and above. Below 22okpa, the noise is less but it seems the car steering is not so stable when I go over an uneven road eg it will follow road grade/steep to the left. can it be bush or top mount problem ?

Answer :

1. I cannot tell you what is the cause of the noise but from your description it may be the air conditioning magnetic clutch disengaging when you turn of the ignition.

2. I believe it is 50A.

3. There is no crease used between the engine and the gearbox, especially on the oil seal. How did your mechanic manage to see the grease between the engine and gearbox without disassembling the components ? Or are you talking about the drive shaft and the gearbox, where it is possible for traces of grease to be seen if the drive shaft rubber boot is leaking and the grease is getting on the oil seal. If this is the case, you need to check the boot and if it is damaged, replace it.

4. What do you mean by "dirty" ? It may be sludge and that is caused by water condensation mixing with the oil to form the sludge. Normally it would not appear if the car is used quite a lot but if you do not run the car a lot, this sludge can appear as the engine is not getting ho enough to evaporate fully the water condensation in the valve cover.

5. Of course, more air in the tyres will make them less compliant resulting in more road nosie. the wandering problem could be caused by the road condition that you are driving. Roads with more "crowning" tend to cause more wandering tot he sides and this is not a problem with the suspension.

To check it out find a flat road with no "crowning" (ie the sides and the center of the road are the same level) and when driving, see if the car still wanders. If it does not, then there is no problem with the suspension.


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