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Grinding noise

Question : MORE than a year ago, my car's engine noise appeared to be unrefined and the right hand wheel bearing started to produce a grinding noise.

Initially, only the right side bearing was replaced.

About three months later, there was a slightly higher noise level from the left wheel bearing but much lower than that heard previously.

I then replaced all the other three bearings.

Now the cabin noise level of my decade old Wira is much lower.

How could a bad bearing keep operating for thousands of kilometers before failing completely ?

On another issue, the hand brake is independent from the foot brake.

So, why more foot brake has bite after adjusting the hand brake lever that was getting too high ?

Answer :

1. Wheel bearings do not fail suddenly and especially if there is grease in the bearings, they can go for quite some time albeit with increasing growling noises.

When the bearings do not have any lubrication they can seize up solid, sometimes at the wrong time and even cause an accident.

So the moral of the story is to replace the bearing once it starts to make noise and not wait for it to fail.

2. If the rear brakes are drum type and as the linings wear, the gap between the shoes and the drum will increase and the handbrake lever will need to be pulled up quite high to be effective.

At the same time, when applying the foot brake, the pedal will go down quite a lot to take up the free play in the brake shoes.

When the handbrake is adjusted, the lining to the drum gap is reduced to a minimum and so the foot pedal does not have to move so far and the feeling is that the brakes are better and more effective.


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