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Irritating noise

Question : I HAVE been having problems from the first day when I bought my Proton Saga nine years ago. I have gone to many mechanics, had many parts changed, even the axle, but that made the problems worse.

My present mechanic suggested that I change the engine mounting as there were sounds like the whole car was going to fall into bits.

I was told by the mechanic to go back to the spare parts shop to switch the engine mounting with hardened rubber.

I went to another mechanic who told me that it was possibly the exhaust.

An exhaust expert said nothing was wrong but a rod with bush below the car could be the cause.

I then consulted another mechanic who said there was no sound and everything was fine.

I am at a loss as to what is the problem.

Answer : If your problem is with ride comfort, then it is possible that your suspension is at fault.

If what you have is that when going over uneven roads there is a lot of rattling and noise from the bottom of the car, then it is possible that the suspension ball joints are worn and also the suspension bushes need to be replaced.

Usually for a car of this age, the suspension bushes would have lost their compliance or flexibility and so road shocks are being transmitted directly into the vehicle.

Most people think that the springs and shock absorbers take all the road shocks but the suspension bushes actually absorb a great deal of the smaller shocks that actually irritate you when driving.

A good mechanic should be able to sort out the suspension noises.


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