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Noisy cabin

Question : I DRIVE a Toyota Camry 2.4 manufactured in 2008.

When I first received the car, I noticed that it was a bit noisy and I complained to the service advisor. They changed the manifold intake and subsequent complaints resulted in them changing all the door runners.

I am still not happy with the noise level in the cabin but the service advisor claims that it is normal.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the noise level ?

I intend to change the tyres to Michelin in the future. Will it help ?

Answer : Noise is something that is very difficult to identify and rectify as different people have different levels of noise tolerance and also are sensitive to different types of noise.

I cannot see the co-relation between the intake manifold noise and the door runner !

This simply goes to show that the service advisor does not know what you are talking about and what he is hearing is different from what you are hearing.

The only way to get to the noise that you are referring to is to take him for a ride and between the two of you identify all the noises you both can hear and by a process of elimination find the one that is irritating you.

Changing tyres will not reduce the noise level inside the cabin unless tyres are the cause of the noise in the first place !


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