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Faulty 02 sensor

Question : I HAVE been driving an imported 2000 Toyota Estima since 2004.

I serviced it regularly and so far, the car has not given major problems.

I seldom use it, usually using it for family traveling and long distance travel.

The odometer has registered 80,000km.

About six months ago, the engine symbol sign at the meter panel illuminated ( on and off ) while driving.

I sent it to the workshop and the mechanic advised that I replace the engine oxygenator set.

However, as it was quite costly, he informed me that I could still use the vehicle ( which I am doing until now ) without any problem to the engine.

What is the oxygenator and is it common to all cars ?

Does it cause any harm to the engine, especially when driving with a defective unit ?

What other problems caused the engine symbol sing to illuminate ?

Answer : I don't not think that your car uses an exygenator.

Oxygenators are used to keep live bait alive when fishing !

I think you have a problem with the 02 sensor and this is an important component although it sits on the exhaust system and does not look impressive.

The 02 sensor detects the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases and leans or richens the air-fuel mixture appropriately, depending on the load conditions of the engine.

it is also an important element in the emission system of the engine, assisting to keep emission levels down, especially NOx.

Therefore, if the 02 sensor is not working, you can have all sorts of problems with the engine.

When the engine symbol sign lights up, there could be a host of other problems and the best is to put the engine on an analyser which will run a thorough check of all the systems.

Remember that modern cars all run on electronic fuel injection and emission systems and unless a service shop has the right test equipment, one cannot expect to know how the systems are running.

Gone are the days when one could tune a car with two screwdrivers and a test lamp !


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