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Barely audible

Question : I HAVE exchanged views with a number of Persona owners, who have said the same thing, concerning the barely audible reverse sensor.

I have to say that it is useless, is not loud enough and does not function like a normal one should. It is totally ineffective as a result.

It is obviously a production fault, and is something that Proton owners should complain about. Who should we complain to and what can be done to solve the problem?

When I took the car to the service centre for my first free service after buying it new, and complained about the ineffective reverse sensor, I was told that there were a number of complaints like mine.

After I suggested that it be modified, a mechanic advised me not to do so as it would render the product defect liability null and void.

So, what can I do and who can help ?

I have owned a Proton Waja before and the reverse sensor was as it should have been.

I also know of other Proton owners of different models whose reverse sensors are loud, clear and effective.

Answer : I think we need to look at your problem in the right perspective.

It may not sound loud enough for you but for some, the previous 'bleepers' were too loud or irritating.

This is a matter of perception and one has to look at the design standards that were used for the product.

If it meets the design standards for dB and range, for example, then if you want something louder you will have to look for a replacement on the aftermarket.

Remember that a car manufacturer designs vehicles to meet the requirements of 'Mr Average'.

Having said that, if you feel strongly about the problem, write to the manufacturer directly.


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