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Wrong readings

I'M the proud owner of a 1992 Toyota 1.6 which I bought second-hand four years ago.

It was running good except lately when I have problem with the speed.

Normally when the RPM reaches 3,000 (on fifth gear), the speedometer will show exactly 100km/h. But nowadays, it shows 80 km/h (in the morning) and jumps to 90km/h (in the evening).

A former Toyota foreman told me that there might be a problem with the clutch plate. I changed the clutch plate, clutch special plate and bearing but the problem still exists.

I asked the mechanic to check the speedometer cable but he told me that the SEG model uses a sensor and it should not be faulty as those parts are very reliable.

Although I'm getting almost 200km for RM50 petrol, I'm a bit worried that I'm getting a wrong reading and it will be an issue if I'm driving on highways because my speedometer readings are not accurate.

What is wrong and how can I get it fixed.

Answer : Since the speedometer is electronic and it seems unlikely that the sensor is faulty, then you need to have a look at the speedometer itself. Being electronic, anything could be wrong with it, from circuitry to the mechanical parts.

The obvious solution is to borrow a speedometer or replace the existing one. If you feel like it or have someone who is good at working with delicate parts, you can try removing the speedometer and lubricating all the moving parts with a- light oil like sewing machine oil.

Sometimes, with age, the parts tend to have too much friction and so you get erratic readings.


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