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ABS-olute non-sense

Question : The ABS light on my car extinguishes after the engine has started by lights again as soon as the vehicle starts moving.

My mechanic, a Mitsubishi technician, has been unable to diagnose the problem and wants to try replacing one component at a time until the problem goes away.

This sounds like a rather costly way to tackle a problem and any alternative suggestions would be most welcome.

Answer : THE symptoms that you describe are typical if the speed sensors on one or more wheels fail to deliver a signal to the ABS control unit as soon as the vehicle is in motion.

This is a common problem on high-mileage vehicle. In most cases, the sensors or the toothed wheels from which the speed signal is generated are clogged with road dirt, giving rise to a "dirty" signal, or no signal from the sensor at all.

Careful cleaning will solve your problem. Alternatively, the sensor could have failed or is about to fail, and measurement of the resistance (specifications in the workshop manual) of each sensor would determine which is down.

If the sensor turns out to be dodgy, replacement is the only option since these items are not repairable.


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