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Question : MY PROTON Iswara Aeroback 1.3 liter has an intermittent starting problem. At times, it requires about a dozen cranks before the engine starts running while occasionally it starts up on first turn. The car had already been checked over by various workshops but the problem persists. Please help as no one seems to be able to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Answer : Starting problems are difficult to track down since most of them tend to be inconsistent in nature. Some problems, are temperature related, and you would often hear of vehicles that would start easily when warm, but not when cold. Others would start fine for a couple of weeks, and then start with great difficulty on the odd occasion.

The first thing is to determine if the starting problems are temperature related i.e. are you experiencing problems starting the engine before or after it has been running. Problems starting when the engine is cold normally relates to the cold starting mechanism and its associated components, and in majority of cases, a temperature sensor has failed, fooling' the engine into thinking that it has already warmed up.

There are numerous reasons behind hot-start problems. One is sensors giving false or incorrect readings. Ignition leads that are in poor condition do not conduct as well when hot, and other components such the ignition coil may cease function altogether when warm, if it is faulty in the first place. An authorized workshop would be equipped with the tools to make a full diagnosis as to where the problem lies, thus saving much time and costs in the long run.


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