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Where's the sensor ?

Question : Where is the temperature sensor or detector located in a car's engine? The sensor provides the input that activates the temperature gauge on the dashboard. Is it in the back cooling water system and in contact with water or on the solid metal of the engine block close to the combustion chamber?

My friend said the sensor is in the cooling system. I believe it is in the solid metal. If it is in the cooling system and if for any reason there is no water, the sensor cannot accurately sense the heat from the combustion chamber and give a low reading on the temperature gauge when the engine is overheating. Can you give your views?

Answer : The temperature sensor is always in contact with the coolant and is screwed into the water jacket surrounding the cylinders. It does not sense the temperature in the combustion chamber as that temperature is way past the boiling point of the coolant. When the engine starts to overheat, the coolant in the block will usually start to boil and the sensor will sense this and show an immediate rise in the temperature.


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