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Irritating indicator

Question : I drive an imported 2001 Nissan Skyline V35 Saloon. The air bag sensor indicator comes on flickering in the indicator panel, and this is quite irritating. The workshop found nothing wrong, and reset it for me but after some time it comes on again.

1. What is the function of this sensor?

2. Can I completely cut it off from the system?

3. Can I just let it light up on the warning panel without resetting it?

Answer : Basically the abnormality is from various factors.

1. A loose wiring circuit after a steering job.

2. Airbag module sensor and spiral cord sensor connectors not properly connected when replaced. (If they have at any time been removed or replaced).

3: Vehicle has had an accident, and things not properly put together after dismantling:

4. Vehicle seat belts are not replaced or connected; (after an accident as they link to the air bag module).

5. The warning light cannot be erased off, or allowed to stay lit all the time, as the air bag may totally not work during an accident.

6. It is suggested that you take the vehicle to an authorized centre, and carry out a proper check using a CONSULT diagnostic equipment.


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