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Changing rims

Question : IS it all right for me to change tyre rims from 15 to 16-inch ones ?

I am now driving a 2008 Toyota Vios which came equipped with 15-inch rims.

I plan to get the SSR Type F 16-rims.

Will the original suspension be able to support the 16-inch rims ?

I heard it is not recommended to change to rims that are much larger than the default ones when your car's suspension is not built specifically to handle them.

I was told by a mechanic that it is perfectly all right as long as it does not exceed the maximum allowed size, ie 17-inch. Is it true ?

Answer :

There is no problem with changing the rims to one size larger as long as the overall diameter of the new tyre and wheel is of the same diameter as the original or within three per cent of it.

Usually, in order to achieve this, you will need to use lower profile tyres that are wider. This means that the rims will have to be wider.

The problem that you may encounter will be wheel arch clearance as the wider wheel may touch somewhere in the wheel arch when turning.

The suspension issue is relate to suspension tuning as the lower profile tyres usualy run at a higher pressure and so the ride is harsher and if you want to reduce the harshness, then work has to be done with the suspension. You also have the additional unsprung weight of the bigger wheels.


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