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Bigger rims

Question : I DRIVE a Wira 1.5L sedan and want to swap to 15-inch rims.

What will the performance be? My stock is 14 inch. What if I swap it with a 15-inch set that is as heavy as the OE set?

Every time I change tyres, the tyre shop will tell me to install the camber nut.

Is this a must? What's the function? Do car companies install it as standard?

Answer : 1. My opinion for upsizing on stock vehicles is that you really do not get any advantage except maybe in looks.

If one stays to the three per cent rule when upgrading, then there may be some slight improvement in grip in dry weather but that is probably about all you will gain.

2. It appears to be the habit of tyre shops nowadays to recommend camber nuts (bolts), camber adjusters, etc, particularly for Protons.

While in some cases there may be a reason for it in that the front suspension camber cannot be adjusted any further, the solution is not just putting in a camber nut or bolts but to find out the Cause for the excessive camber and rectifying it.

Even if such components are used, you should make sure that they are manufactured by some reputable suspension manufacturer and have certification from some test agencies.

Remember that if a suspension component fails, you could end up in a ditch or even worse.

It is not a question of the manufacturer not fitting such a component but in most cases, the manufacturer sees no need to make the camber adjustable.

As I said earlier, if the camber has gone out of specification, the cause must be found and the fault corrected.


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