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Up in smoke

Question : I DRIVE a Silvia S15 and service my car at least monthly

A few days ago, I installed a front mount intercooler.

My car started to choke, and the rev couldn't go up smoothly, something like misfiring.

I sent my car to the workshop and the mechanic found out that the problem was due to a faulty spark plug.

The mechanic pulled out the plug and the tip broke.

He told me that the valve might be slightly damaged and repairs would cost between RM2,000 and RM3,000.

According to him, I would still be able to use the car if the faulty plug was replaced but with loss of power.

The mechanic replaced the faulty spark plug and took the car for a test drive.

Five minutes later, he returned and I was shocked.

The whole car was up in smoke with black oil squirting from the engine.

He told me he had no idea why the engine gave way.

Now I have to change the pistons and overhaul the engine, costing a minimum RM5,000.

The mechanic told me that he would bear the labor charges but I have to foot the bill for overhauling the engine including bearings, pistons, valves, etc.

He said the valves were already damaged and choking when I brought in the car.

My car is now in the workshop undergoing repairs.

Who should bear the total cost of repairs.

Answer : You are playing around with engine modifications with a mechanic who may not be too sure of what he is doing.

I think the broken tip of the spark plug indicated detonation and when the car was taken out by the mechanic, he pulled very high revs and the resulting detonation destroyed the engine.

I would advise you to seek legal advice as I think the workshop has a case to answer.


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