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Plug cables

Question : 1. WHY does the Campro CPS 1.6-litre engine still use "plug cables" to connect the spark plugs to the engine instead of direct connection via a metal-rail ( like the engines in the Toyota Avanza and Perodua Myvi ) ?

Why does it still use a timing belt and not a timing chain ?

2. Also, can my car's motor oil last more than 12 months ? I do about 10km daily, driving to work and back.

3. My mileage is very low ( it takes me nine months to cover 5,000km ).

Answer : 1. Using plug cables does not mean that the system is inferior or the engine will lose out in performance. It is a matter of design and what the engine designer feel is appropriate or sufficient for that particular engine.

2. Again, it is a matter of choice. Timing belts are quieter and easier to carry out maintenance and replacement.

Chains, although they last longer, are noisier, are more difficult to maintain and need an oil bath for lubrication.

3. Why not ? As long as the engine and the oil get sufficiently warmed up and it does not get contaminated, it can stay there for a long period of time without deteriorating.


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