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Clogged plugs

Question : I OWN a 15-year-old 1,300cc Honda Civic.

The plugs get clogged and engine oil needs to be topped up weekly.

The car is used for short trips and a monthly outstation journey to my hometown.

My mechanic has advised that an overhaul will cost double as he needs to source for spare parts.

He suggested that I fix four spark plug nuts, a long tube screwed onto each new spark plug so that the spark plug does not go in too deep and gets clogged by the engine oil.

Is this a viable solution and will it affect engine performance ?

Will the fuel consumption increase and how long should I use these nuts? Will there be an engine seizure when I travel outstation ?

Answer : What your mechanic suggests is an old trick to prevent spark plug fouling that simply moves the spark plug further away from the surface of the combustion chamber with the hope that the oil blowing past the pistons will not foul the plugs.

This sometimes works but not for long because once the pistons and rings are worn, you have to open up the engine and doing anything else is postponing the inevitable.

With these extenders, performance will drop but the engine will not seize. I cannot say if the consumption will get much worse.


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