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Turbo conundrum

Question : I was wondering if cars such as the Peugeot 308 Turbo, Ford Mondeo Ecoboost and Ford S-max, together with some Volvos with turbo, all of which claims giving more mileage/power with less fuel consumption, last as long as the normal (family) cars without turbo ?

Will the turbo cars driven in a hot tropical country like Malaysia, break down more often (given that turbo cars produce more heat) compared to turbo cars used in cooler temperate countries ? Have the manufacturer tweaked the turbo cars sold in tropical countries in order for it to withstand the more severe weather ?.

Answer :

1. It used to be assumed that just because an engine was turbocharged it would wear out faster and also because the stresses were higher things would break fast. This is not the case as engineering has progressed such that there are better materials now which have better wear properties.

Lubricants have also improved to such an extent that even with the additional stresses, lubrication is not affected.

In fact cars with turbos are actually running more efficiently as a higher percentage of the fuel in the fuel mixture is burnt for energy.

2. Despite the ambient temperature, the operating temperature of the engine is the same whether in the tropics or in a temperate country. The main difference is in that in a temperate country it may take longer to get to the operating temperature.

Of course in the tropics there are small tweaks such as tropicalised cooling systems with larger radiators and differently calibrated thermostats, but the engine still operates at the same temperature. therefore i would say that there is no difference in the wear rates of the components.


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