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Negative rear camber

Question : I HAVE a problem with my Saga BLM which has clocked 67,000km.

The rear camber has gone negative and makes the tyre bald on the side and makes a sound like a 4WD tyre during driving.

I have changed a the tyres inside to outside but the problem still persists.

Correct me if I am wrong, the BLM system cannot be adjusted because it uses torsion beam axle.

I am using 195/50R15 tyre set-up.

Answer : If I am not mistaken, the correct tyre size for this model is either 175/70R13 or 185/60R14.

However, you state that you are using 195/50 R15 tyres and are having tyre wear on the inside of the tyres.

If you check the suspension set-up specs for this model, you will find that there is a slight negative camber built into the axle and this is tied into the original sized tyres to give balanced handling.

When you changed to 195 section tyres, invariably there will be a part of the tyres that will be hardly or in very little contact with the road and especially if you are not driving the car hard, the tyres will wear unevenly.

This will not happen with the standard narrow tyres as they will deform more during cornering and even out the wear.

I do not think there is anything wrong with the axle and if you go back to standard sized tyres, your problem will go away.


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