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Question : I own a 1997 Honda City 1.5 ( auto ).

Mileage is 320,000 km. It has served me very well with the usual regular servicing and changing of essential oils and parts ( belts, etc ).

I have not done any engine overhaul as I use the car only for town travel.

I do not intend to sell it at the moment.

Lately, I feel there is a "lag" of about 3-5 seconds when I press the accelerator to the moment the car surge forward.

This only happens when I move from a stationary position.

However, when the car is moving, there is less of this "lag". I feel this "lag" makes overtaking a wee bit dangerous.

It appears there is a slight "blockage" or something.

My mechanic recommends overhauling the engine and it will cost about RM1,000 but I like to get a second opinion.

Answer : That's quite a mileage there on your car.

There could be a few things that could cause the throttle lag like you described.

One of it is a faulty carburetor but your car comes with fuel injection system instead.

High mileage generally decreases engine power over the whole powerband and it will feel jerky instead of a lag moving from a stationary position.

It sounds to me that it is more of a problem with the auto transmission instead of the engine, that's why I prefer my old car with manual gearbox instead of an automatic transmission.

Have that looked at first, you might have to overhaul the transmission instead or looking at your mileage, maybe both the transmission and engine need to be looked into.


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