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Turbocharger leak

Question : I OWN a 2004 Ford Ranger Hurricane with mileage of 140,000km.

It has been maintained by Ford since day one.

The vehicle has never been offroad and is well maintained.

About three months ago, I noticed there were oil drops where the truck was parked.

A mechanic told me the oil leak was from the turbocharger and that it needed to be replaced.

A friend recommended another mechanic who supposedly specialises n diesel engines.

After several minutes of diagnosis, I was informed that the problem was not only with the turbocharger but my engine was losing compression as well !

I eventually sent it back to Ford for a third opinion and was told the engine compression was all right but the turbocharger has a slight whistling noise during pick-up but overall still in good condition.

The leak has since been fixed.

However, I noticed that my gas consumption is now on the high side and that the vehicle does not seem to have as much power as it used to have.

I have had three different diagnoses and do not know which one is the right one !

Are there any place or specific tests that can be performed to determine if it's the turbocharger, engine compression or both that needs attention ?

Answer : 140,000km is not a lot of mileage for a diesel engine and I think there is nothing wrong with the engine itself.

I think there is a leak between the turbocharger and the inlet manifold that is causing the whistling sound and also the higher consumption.

If I am not mistaken, you may also be emitting black smoke especially on acceleration.

Get someone to check the connecting hoses between the turbo and the manifold for cracks, and when refitting make sure they are clamped tight.

Turbo diesels do not run well with leaking hoses, and while they may run, performance will drop.


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