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East versus West

Question :

I thought the Japanese makers had won the car war, but Malaysians still have favourite European models. Is it something tangible, or just a 'feel' thing ?

Please compare a 2-litre Audi with an equivalent Toyota model.

Answer : Winning the 'war' can come in different ways.

In sales number, the Japanese have definitely won but when it comes tot he drive experience, sadly they are lacking behind the Europeans, especially the Germans.

Even the French have caught up with the Germans with compact cars, offering great build and drive promise.

The Japanese, I feel, tend to concentrate more on reliability and absolute drive comfort, which they have succeeded in spades but in recent years their models have become void of driver feedback and excitement.

I am assuming you are talking about the Audi A4 Turbo, which is miles ahead of the Toyota Camry in every way.

Even if you include in the equation the Toyota Majesta, which is an exciting rear wheel drive available as a grey import, the Audi returns better steering and handling.

The Mark X Toyota is a favourite of mine but still offers less than the A4.

What Toyota needs is to revive the Levin, Supra, Starlet, FX and Celica, all in rear wheel drive format and the game will then be fair with the Europeans, especially Audi which definitely has the upper hand behind the wheel.

Sadly, the new generation of Toyota marketers feel that safe, boring cars sell better and that specialist cars of yesteryears be forgotten.


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