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Maintenance vs funability

Question : I used to own a Fiat Coupe, which was fun when it worked but needed constant care.

I am interested to get a sporty car again, one that works clockwork-like most of the time.

Between the Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX8, Lotus Elise, BMW Z3 and Alfa 156, which would you recommend ? I am looking at maintenance vs funability.

Answer : Looking for a clockwork running sports car starts with your style of driving.

If you are a person who drives hard with little respect for machinery, then there is little advice that I can impart to you.

However, if you want a fun sports car that has ample power, good handling with style and drop-dead looks added in to the mix, then I strongly suggest the Lotus Elise.

You need to check the used unit to make sure it has not been a track day special and never had an accident as repairs to chassis and body in Malaysia is not always the best.

The Nissan 350Z is just brute force and has high running costs like the RX8, which needs an engine, rebuilt every 70,000 to 80,000km.

The BMW Z3 just has looks and little else while the Alfa 156 is far from being a performance car.


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