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Heat build-up

Question : I am inquiring on behalf of a friend who owns a three-year-old Toyota Vios J spec.

Recently, on several occasions, he faced a problem whenever he traveled long distance.

When he stopped at traffic lights, junctions or at the roadside, he engine revolution (based on rev meter) became erratic, idled and dropped down to the extent of stalling.

After restarting, the car wouldn't move smoothly but jerked all the way.

My friend had to stop and give the car a rest for about an hour or so; then h was able to continue his journey.

After some distance, the problem occurred again.

My friend thought that it was not engine overheating as the temperature gauge looked normal.

He already sent the car to the service center but the problem still persists.

Answer : I will hazard a guess that the problem is heat.

After a long run and then stopping, there is heat build-up under the hood and this is causing the fuel in the lines to vaporise and form bubbles in the line.

This is causing the erratic running and stalling.

When the engine has cooled sufficiently, the fuel flow is normal and this problem does not arise.

Why this is happening in your car in particular I cannot say, but have you done any wok under the hood which has entailed moving the fuel lines or there is an additional heat source close to the fuel lines.

Even adding bodywork extensions, etc can affect air flow under the hood and cause excessive temperature build-up.


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