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Lubricant choice

Question : I OWN a new car which is about to clock 10,000 km

I am confused over choosing the best fully synthetic engine oil for my car.

The owner's manual recommends a viscosity of 5W-30 but there is very low supply of this type of lubricant in my area.

It also states that the outside temperature should also be taken into account.

Some mechanics recommend W40 oil for better protection of the engine while others say it might increase the fuel consumption of the car.

There was also a recommendation to sue Mobil 1 5W-50 but my worry is that the W50 grade would be too thick.

A few people told me that W30 oil is too thin and it would increase engine wear.

Which is the best lubricant viscosity to get as I am a harsh driver and I sue the car daily for city driving and almost weekly traveling outstation.

Answer : My first question to you is whether you have been using synthetic oil in your engine since new.

If you have, then stick to the same grade and you should be OK.

On the other hand if the engine has been running on mineral oil from the first fill, then to be honest I cannot see any advantage in using the synthetic oil.

Most oils sold today are 5W-50 grade although you can still get 20W-50 grades from some companies.

Anyway, it is not important whether it is a 5W or 20W because those are winter grades and what we are more concerned about is whether to use a 30, 40 or 50.

To me, it does not make much difference as multi-grade oils are all formulated to work through a large temperature range and unless you use something like a 20 weight oil, 30, 40 or 50 weight multi-grade is not a problem.

Regarding brands, all the major oil companies produce good products and really it is a question of price and preference.


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