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Fuel gobbler

Question : I AM driving a 2001 Proton Saga 1.3 A/B which incurs high fuel consumption of about 7 km/liter on RON95.

The car is seldom used, mostly for weekly supermarket/market trips.

Service centers have re-tuned the car three times and changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter and engine oil.

Answer : I have always said fuel consumption is very much dependent on the driver's right foot.

If after all the tuning and adjustments the fuel consumption has not changed, then maybe it is your driving style that is the cause.

We are in no position to make any comment in that area except that very often people in attempting to have better fuel consumption tend to change gears at quite low revs, believing that by doing so there will be less fuel consumed.

However, at such low revs, the engine may not be developing its peak torque and one actually is "lugging" the engine and this consumes more fuel particularly in a low capacity car.

This is one possibility and there are many other scenarios. Perhaps you should try to drive differently.


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