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High fuel consumption

Question : I BOUGHT a 1.8L Grand Livina last July.

I am not happy with the fuel consumption which is around 11km per litre or less.

The measurement was taken from top-up to the next.

I travel 25km each way from Petaling Jaya to Kuala Lumpur daily.

According to my salesman, it should be between 12 and 14 km per litre.

I have sent it for retuning but the fuel consumption remains unchanged.

What is more disappointing is on the highway, the fuel consumption is only marginally better at around 12km per litre.

I am not a heavy foot driver because I drive my Vios with a fuel consumption of 15km per litre on the same route and 20km per litre on the highway.

Answer : All I can say is that fuel consumption is very much dependent on your right foot and how you drive. Sometimes in trying to drive economically one ends up getting worse consumption, simply because by feathering the throttle the transmission shifts up and then is running at too low revs to be really efficient.

Also, the transmission ratios of the car may favour running at higher speeds than one normally drives and this also would contribute to heavier consumption.

Try changing your driving style and by the way, i am assuming that you are having an automatic version.


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