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Lubricant type

Question : I OWN a 2005 Waja and have been using brand "X" fully synthetic oil since day one.

Can I change to another brand's fully synthetic oil?

Recently, I bought a 2004 Kancil with 70,000km mileage which is in tip-top condition.

I do not know the type of lubricant that the previous owner used but I have changed it to fully synthetic.

Is it advisable since the car is already five years old.

Do I need to change to semi-synthetic the next round?

Answer : 1. I see no problem with swapping brands of synthetic oil as long as your engine will not be damaged.

However, you must remember that each manufacturer has certain additives that it puts into the oil and so there would be some difference in performance.

2. I always believe that to get the best benefit from a fully synthetic oil, one has to use it from the time the engine is new and all the component clearances are "tight".

Once the engine is worn, there is a possibility of heavy oil consumption when using synthetic oils simply because these oils have a low viscosity.

My opinion is that if the engine has been running on mineral oils over the last five years, then there will be quite a lot of wear already and you are not going to benefit much by using synthetic oils.

I would rather use a heavier viscosity mineral oil such as 20W-50.


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