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Engine oil dilemma

Question : I HAVE a BMW 523i E60 which has clocked 37,000km.

My problem is having to top up one litre of BMW engine oil at intervals way below the suggested 7,000km.

This has happened several times.

The 7,000km rule of thumb is given by the BMW service advisor.

This car is used for normal city driving and occasional out of town weekend drives 9 maybe once a month). I did follow the engine break-in recommendation when we initially took the car.

BMW has since changed the engine oil sensor and later performed a compression test.

But I still face the same problem.

They now suggest that an engine oil volume measurement be done after the next engine oil change and 1,000km drive thereafter.

The engine warranty is about to expire end August after two years.

Are they recommending the correct diagnosis/procedure ? What else should I do ? Is high engine oil consumption an issue ?

Answer : Top up of one litre at the mileages you have indicated is rather high, as any normal engine should not be consuming engine oil between oil changes.

In your case, it is a case for concern and even though your warranty is expiring in a month's time the franchise holder is obligated to see your problem through.

I believe that they are also trying their best to find a solution and want to be sure that it is a warrantable problem.

I suggest that you put everything down in writing before the warranty expires to ensure that the problem is solved to your satisfaction.


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