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Fuel tablets

Question : RECENTLY, I started using fuel tablets for my Toyota Avanza 1.3 (auto).

After five tablets, I could see that the tablets are working, and my fuel consumption is lesser.

Apart from that, the engine of my Avanza is "smoother". I could easily accelerate without hearing a "dragging" sound.

However, one of my friends advised me against using the tablets. He said that it will harm my engine eventually. Is it true ?

Now I am a bit worried. Should I continue using the tablets ? For now, my Avanza is doing well, and I have saved quite a sum on petrol after using the tablets.

Answer : Do you have any idea what is in the so-called fuel tablets ? It is very much like self medication and taking medicine without knowing how they work and the after effects.

Usually, such "tablets" contain chemicals to boost the octane rating of the engine and one may feel a marginal improvement in performance but really a lot of it is in your own state of mind.

After spending the money on the product, you would tend to drive a bit more carefully and naturally there would be a marginal saving in fuel consumption.

Whether the engine is actually "smoother" and less "dragging" is very subjective.

Such products have been around for a long time but it is interesting to note that no car manufacturer has endorsed them.

Regarding damage to your engine, your guess is as good as mine!


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