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Avanza's fuel consumption

Question :

1. What are the fuel consumption figures for the new 1.5G Toyota Avanza?

2. How to improve further this fuel consumption?

3. What other devices other than fuel saver, which can help?

4. Can you recommend a fuel saving device suit- able and proven for the 1.5 Avanza, and how much (in per cent) can it save?

Answer :

1. We normally do not give fuel consumption figures for any vehicles because we believe that fuel consumption is very much related to your right foot. You can do a full tune-up of the engine to ensure that the fuel mixture ratios are correct and that the vehicle is not running too rich. If your exhaust pipe is black and sooty, this is an indication of too rich a mixture and you need to get the engine tuned. Tyre pressures also play a part in fuel consumption and if the pressures are correct, this would help your overall fuel consumption.

2. I am not a great believer in fuel saving gadgets because their results are never consistent and therefore cannot be taken as conclusive. It is very difficult to improve on the fuel consumption figures quoted by the manufacturer just by attaching a device, and if such a device is so good, how come all the vehicle manufacturers have not fitted them to their cars?


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