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Service dilemma

Question : My Exora is 19 months old and has clocked nearly 30,000km.

Are the following procedures or items necessary ?

1. Gear oil change.

2. Magnetrap to be clipped on the engine oil filter.

3. X1R petrol treatment.

4. Flush and change power steering oil

5. As stipulated in the service manual/booklet, the routine service interval is 10,000km or six months ( whichever occurs first) after the first, second and third services. However, iw as advised by the personnel at the service center to have my car serviced every 5,000km or three months (whichever occurs first). Should I heed the advice ?

Answer :

1. What does your owners' manual say ? If it recommends a change, by all means do so.

2. Supposedly it is to trap steel particles that are being worn in the engine. Frankly, the oil filter is already doing the job or else the engine manufacturer would have done something about it.

3. Have you tried to find out what the additive does ? Mind you, the oil companies spend millions of ringgit doing research into the right additive to be put into the fuel and oils to make your engine last longer and perform better. Do you think an additive from a bottle will do better than that ?

4. It has never been found necessary to carryout such a procedure and anyone encouraging you to do it is just doing some sharp marketing.

5. Modern lubricating oils (even non synthetic) can easily go up to 10,000km between changes. What I think is even more important is replacing the oil filter with a genuine one during the oil changes. Never use cheap oil filters as they clog up at quite a low mileage and this is where the engine wear will come in.


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