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Fuel pump fault

Question : I HAVE been using my 2003 Proton Waja 1.6 auto for the past seven years.

The vehicle was struck by lightning on one of my trips to the east coast two years ago and since that day, my fuel pump had failed and had to be replaced four times last year and for this year, another four times.

I changed the fuel pump again a month ago with a guarantee of 30 days.

The mechanic had also checked the spark plugs and electronics and found that certain parts were badly burnt. Those parts were immediately replaced.

I had driven my car with those badly burnt parts for two years without realising it.

Now after 30 days, the fuel pump had failed again and I have a phobia of driving the car because whenever the fuel pump failed, I was either in the middle of the highway or on a dangerous slope.

I realised that the car could not handle steep slopes as it would immediately lose power and stall in the middle of the highway.

I cannot afford to buy a new car.

I had been replacing the fuel pumps using Japanese, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Chinese spare parts. All of them had failed.

Answer : If you continue what you are doing, you will become even more broke !

If the car was actually struck by lightning, it is likely that the main harness has been affected and may even have a few "shorts" while the ECU may also be damaged.

Personally, i would replace the whole lot, even if it came from a "half-cut".

The chances of solving the problem then would be better.

Right now, no one really knows where the problem is and you will be continually replacing parts.


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