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Kembara blues

Question : I AM the second owner of a 2003 Kembara 1.3-litre auto for the past two years.

For the past two months, the Kembara have been encountering abnormal problems.

1. Normal temperature cannot be achieved as indicated on the gauge meter after traveling a distance of about 5km if the air-cond is switched on. The rpm will shoot up to 1,500 when stationary with gear shift at neutral. After traveling for some distance of about 10km, it is OK again.

2. If the air-cond is on, the temperature indicator will drop from normal. The rpm will shoot up more than 1,000rpm when stationary.

3. The high rpm is causing jerks during gear change.

Answer :

1. Check out the fast idle device if it is working properly and then your idle adjustment.

The device comes on when the air cond compressor comes on to increase the throttle opening to compensate for the load of the compressor.

Normally there should be no increase in the idle speed. If the idle speed increases, check if the compressor is engaged.

2. The fact that the engine is taking long to come up to operating temperature gives me the feeling that the compressor is not coming on but the second fan is coming on and as a result the engine is being over-cooled and so is taking a long time to warm up.

3. I would check the thermostatic controls for the cooling fans and how the system is tied in with the air-conditioning system.

I believe the problem is somewhere there and can be found through a process of elimination.


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