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Disturbing roar

Question : I OWN a 1996 Proton Perdana SEi model and have been driving it ever since.

I am quite happy with the car's performance until recently.

1. There is now reduced power. What should I do?

2. The suspension gives some sound (roar) when cruising above 100km on undulating highways.

Also, when four adult passengers are in the vehicle, an abnormal sound (roar) can be heard at the front.

When I slow down, the sound disappears.

I recently went on a self voluntarily check at Puspakom and passed the test.

The suspension system, ball joints and alignment are normal.

Car alignment and wheel balancing had been done. I also changed all four tyres.

What could be the cause?

Answer : 1. When the performance drops, it is usually that either the engine is getting worn and so the compression in the cylinders has got lower resulting in reduced power, or it is out of tune and you may need a major tune-up such as checking ignition timings, valve clearances, fuel injection timing and injector performance, etc.

The best is to have the engine put through a test programme that checks out all the engine systems and that will usually identify the areas where work needs to be done.

2. The first thing to check is the tyres.

Some patterns are noisier than others and on surfaces such as concrete highways, the noise from these tyres can be quite high and irritating.

If you can get four tyres of a pattern to test, do so and you may be able to isolate the cause.

As the car is more than 10 years old, the suspension bushes may already be quite hard and lack compliance, and so transmit quite a lot of road noise into the car.

Replacing these bushes will also reduce road noise.


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