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Regular check-ups necessary

CARS, like humans, require regular check-ups, especially before a long journey.

It is important for you to perform regular checks on your battery, engine oil window washer and wipers, as well as brake fluids, radiator and fan belt.

Not only are these checks essential for your journey's convenience but also for your safety as well as those traveling with you.

Before starting your journey, check the battery and ensure that all six cells are filled with adequate battery water.

If the battery fluid levels drop too low, the battery can be damaged. If that is the case, refill the battery fluids to a level between the high and low level marks.

Similarly, the engine oil level should be checked. Pull out the dipstick and ensure that the oil level lies between the high and low marks.

If the oil feels smooth when rubbed between your thumb and forefinger, that means the oil must be changed. Engine damage could result if your engine oil levels drop too low.

Ensure that your window washer tank is filled with water, so that you will be able to wash your windows whenever necessary.

Also check for wear on your wipers. Worn out wipers will leave streaks on your window that may obstruct your view when driving in the rain. have your wipers replaced if theya re worn out.

If possible, ask your mechanic to check your brake oil level and your brake pedal feel is loose.

Also ask your mechanic to check your radiator coolant level and the tension of your car's fan belt. This is to ensure that your car doesn't overheat or breakdown during the course of your journey.

Under normal circumstances, with regular check-ups, problems such as low battery or oil levels rarely occur.

However, if such problems were to present themselves repeatedly, this means there could be some damage or wear to certain components.

If that is the case, then you need to give your car a thorough check-up.


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