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Leak stoppers

Question : IS it OK to use certain products to stop power steering, radiator, engine, auto transmission and air-cond leaks although there is no leakage ?

Prevention is better than cure, isn't it.

Also, can a flat battery be used again after being charged at the car workshop ?

I need to step on the accelerator a few times each morning or else the car cannot start.

My mechanic said that the auto choke is faulty and the carburetor needs to be replaced.

Another mechanic told me to service the auto choke.

I am driving a 1996 Proton Wira 1.5 ( auto ).

I use semi-synthetic oil, either SAE10W/40, SAE15W/50 or SAE20W/50, all different brands depending on the free gifts at that time of oil change.

Is it all right ?

Answer :

1. All these "stop-leak" products use additives that basically get into a leak and clog it up, so stopping the flow of fluid and are at best a temporary cure.

There is no need to have these additives put into the systems unless in emergency situations. Unlike food supplements, more is not better in a car engine !

2. Yes and no. It depends on the condition of the battery and how much life is left in it.

It may be fully charged after being charged in the shop but that may be only 10 percent of its original capacity and it will fail again.

What is more important is to find out why the battery went flat in the first place.

3. Yes, it sounds like the auto-choke is stuck open and pumping the throttle a few times will squirt raw fuel into the manifold and make the mixture richer for starting.

Nothing wrong in that if you do not want to spend the money on a new carburetor as you are doing what the auto choke is doing int he first place !

4. I don't see any real problem with switching around except that each brand has certain characteristics or benefits through the additives used and when you switch brands, you are not getting the benefits from any of them as you are not using the oil long enough.


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