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Question : I AM a 66-year-old male driving a 22-year-old Proton Sage 1.3 ( 1986 manual model ).

Recently I did a complete overhaul of the engine, replaced a faulty speedometer and installed a power steering system as well as reverse sensor.

My average monthly mileage is 1,500km.

My financial state is just enough to maintain my wife and the car.

Can you advise me on the following :

1. What grade of engine oil should I use ?

2. Any other major component of the car that requires replacement or attention before it breaks down ?

3. To save on fuel consumption, I have seen a friend install a simple device, costing less than RM50, where distilled water is injected in minute amount into the engine combustion chamber.

He said his fuel bill is significantly reduced. Is this a good idea ?

Answer :

1. Any 20w-50 mineral oil should be good enough for your car.

Since the engine has just been overhauled, you can go as high as 10,000km between changes of oil and filter.

However, with such low monthly mileage, you can do an oil and filter change once every six months.

2. As the engine had been overhauled, the mechanic would have looked at the clutch and should have replaced it if necessary.

The other area would be the brakes. A good idea is to flush out the brake system and replace all the brake fluid with fresh fluid.

3. Water or steam injection has been around for a long time and the results have been spotty to say the least.

The biggest problem is metering the correct amount to meet the varying needs of the engine.

If one is always driving at a more or less constant engine speed, then maybe results can be better as the amount can be adjusted to meet that particular engine speed.


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